Riffat Malik

Riffat Malik
Riffat is a pharmacist and started her freelance journey two years ago. At first, she started writing health and fitness blogs on Blogger. After that, she started working as a freelance medical content writer at Clinics on Call. She has been associated with Clinics on Call for more than a year now and during this time, she has written multiple medical articles and blogs. Riffat likes to read the latest information regarding medical treatments, and she conveys information about advanced diagnostic and treatment strategies of different medical conditions through her articles and blogs. Apart from publishing articles and blogs on Clinics on Call, she has also published informative medical articles on various platforms such as Medium and Blogger. Riffat writes articles and blogs on health, diseases and treatments, and fitness. Riffat consults authentic sources for medical information and updates such as Cancer Org, WebMD, Healthline. These are excellent sources for authentic information and also help her in providing up-to-date information regarding medical diseases and treatments. She has also attended many conferences and seminars on the latest developments in the medical field.
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