About us

At Clinics on Call, our mission is to revolutionize the global healthcare industry by providing easy access to high-quality medical services to patients from all corners of the world. Dr. Zeeshan Zaman, our visionary CEO and Founder, recognized the need for a comprehensive platform that would connect patients with the best healthcare solutions, regardless of their location or search criteria. We strive to be the go-to platform for anyone seeking high-quality medical solutions, and we are committed to achieving this through a combination of innovation, expertise, and personalized care. Dr. Zeeshan Zaman has played a critical role in shaping this vision, using his extensive knowledge of the medical travel industry to create a platform that is user-friendly, efficient and reliable. We envision a future where anyone can access top-notch healthcare services, no matter where they are in the world, and we are committed to making this a reality through our unwavering dedication to our mission
Our platform strictly follow the below criteria:
Many patients, for various reasons, do not receive quality medical care at home, but the Clinics on Call platform solves this problem. We serve as a global link between patients and clinics around the world. Thanks to the cooperation with the bigger hospital brands, anyone has access to qualified medical care and the latest medical technologies.
Freedom of choice
The Clinics on Call platform cooperates with the hospitals and doctors on the same terms. Therefore, the selection of a health center or doctor for a patient is solely based on his needs and wishes.
Planning out each detail
To make your trip more comfortable, we try to calculate every detail: the cost of diagnostics / treatment, the estimated time of stay in the clinic, transfer Airport-Clinic-Hotel-Airport. And after verification, Clinics on Call employees provide you with information, while monitoring its relevance.
Personalized approach
Searching for a suitable hospital, assistance in obtaining medical insurance or booking air tickets - we try to personalize the service for each patient. Moreover, during the entire medical trip, a personal coordinator will be in touch with you, who will help you solve any question or problem that may arise.

Our team

Dr. Zeeshan Zaman, MD
CEO & Founder
With over 8 years of experience as a medical doctor and medical travel expert, Dr. Zaman has closely monitored developments in foreign medicine, understanding the critical need for access to quality medical care worldwide. Prior to launching Clinics on Call, Dr. Zaman spearheaded several successful projects in the medical travel industry. His expertise and passion for improving healthcare access for all have driven the mission of Clinics on Call - to connect patients with the best medical services available, no matter where they are in the world.
Irina Jilla
Journalist, PR specialist. Over 5 years of experience in medical content writing. Priority topics: health, medicine, experience of treating patients in foreign clinics. Its goal: to make professional health information accessible and understandable to everyone.
Work experience in journalism and copywriting for more than 5 years. Creates content on medical topics. Increases her skills at trainings and seminars. Favorite topics in medicine - stories of successful treatment of patients, new methods of combating diseases.
Content manager since 2013. For more than 6 years she has been interested in medical topics, in general rehabilitation in particular. Received a certificate as a gym instructor. She has written articles on pharmaceuticals, surgery and orthopedics. Regularly attends seminars and webinars on medical topics.
Dr. Valeria Kruzhilina
Medical Content/Editor
Doctor and medical content writer. Experience in content writing - 7 years. Valeria aims to tell in simple language about advanced methods of diagnosis and treatment of various diseases.
Anoosha Fatima
She has been associated with content writing for more than 10 months. She has worked on the medical, health and fitness niches in the past.
Hafsa Raja
Hafsa is a freelance content writer and a biotechnologist. She started her career as a content writer 2 years ago.
Riffat Malik
She is a pharmacist and started off as a content writer last year. She has written articles related to the medical, health and fitness niches.
Journalist, editor, copywriter. I have been writing content since 2020. In addition to medicine, he also writes on the topic of lifestyle. He describes the main goal in his work as follows: to simply explain the complex, to replace “water” with facts or information useful to the reader.
Maham Noor
Medical Author
Maham is a Pharmacist who started her career as a content writer four years ago. She initially started writing on pets, astrology, birthstones, yoga, meditation, and mental well-being. Moving forward, she started working on a prominent nursing blog before eventually becoming a part of the Clinics on Call team.
Shahtaj Waseem
She is currently a medical student and has been working as a freelance content writer for the past 6 months. She has mostly worked on the medical niche.
Yusra Ahmad
She is a pharmacist and a content writer by profession and has an experience of about 6 months.
Medical content writer with 6 years of experience. Since 2017, she has been writing informative medical articles that are understandable to every reader. She is fond of studying innovations in world medicine.
Tanya Nazarets
Content/ Marketing
Tanya is a journalist, editor, copywriter. She has over 2 years experience in medical copywriting. Priority topics: new medical technologies, recommendations for maintaining health. Objective: To explain complex medical information in simple terms.
Sajal Irshad
Medical Author
Sajal Irshad is an MBBS Student at Dow Medical College having immense experience in the field of medicine. She has done volunteering work in some NGOs. She commenced her journey of content writing in December 2021 and worked for several projects, wrote blog posts, affiliate and review articles. Moreover, she has written researched based articles on different drugs as well.

Medical Coordinators

Dr. Taisiia Kurchenko (M.D)
Doctor Coordinator
Dr. Anna Pervushina (M.D) - General Surgeon
Doctor Coordinator
Vladimir Muradyan
Doctor Coordinator
Dr. Svitlana Popkova (M.D)
Doctor Coordinator
Dr. Bogdana Romaniuk (M.D)
Doctor Coordinator
Dr. Nataliya Bruyaka (M.D) - Therapist
Doctor Coordinator
Dr. Katerina Suhanova (M.D) - Pediatrician
Doctor Coordinator
Dr. Irina Galani (M.D) - General Surgeon
Doctor Coordinator

Interested in medical treatment Abroad?

Looking for the best treatment in clinics abroad. We help our patients in a simple few step process. Our patients explore the top countries Send a request directly through our website Based on your request we match you with the best hospital Provide you the needed information regarding your treatment We finalize your travel plans/appointment with the hospital of your choice