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IS0 9001
IS0 9001

International standard that describes the requirements for the quality management system of organizations and enterprises


Certification of Quality Management in Hospitals


Quality Medicine Initiative (IQM)

About the Aachen University Hospital

Aachen university hospital is a multidisciplinary space in Aachen and ranks 22nd number among 2000 hospitals in Germany. The patient-centric environment and cutting-edge treatment strategies are the prominent features of this hospital since 1976. Doctors are highly professional and comply with all the international standards.

The hospital is the amalgam of numerous research institutes and clinics and offers a wide variety of treatments under one roof. Aachen University Hospital delivers an ethical environment to the patients to maintain a home-like space. Here you can find the best possible treatments according to your condition.

Interdisciplinary centers cover all the treatments and diagnostics for common fatal as well as rare diseases. Post-operative rehabilitation is considered very important in this facility and the hospital provides every possible comfort to the patients and their attendants. Moreover, the hospital utilizes all of its resources to sustain the quality and name it.

 Why Choose Aachen University Hospital?

  • As it is a multispecialty hospital with 60 departments working 24/7 along with the collaboration of other famous centers and institutes. The interdisciplinary coordination of these departments is outclassed and leads to the best treatment options. More than 7000 employees including doctors, professors, nurses, and technical staff are the backbone of this hospital. The hospital offers superior expertise to 50,000 inpatients and 250,000 outpatients annually.
  • The Aachen university hospital is well-known for its state-of-the-art occupational therapy services that are distinct from other hospitals in Germany. The specialists offer tailor-made services to patients depending on their requirements. Usually, occupational therapy is provided to people who have any disability or other cognitive problems. The therapists provide a wide variety of physical exercises to increase the muscle strength of people and make them physically active.
  • The clinic ranks among the top German medical institutes in Forbes magazine. The administration at Aachen is vigilant in improving and adopting the latest standards of healthcare. The quality control unit at Aachen routinely monitors the overall activities taking place in the clinic. The focus of the quality control unit is to optimize the quality protocols at the hospital, and after maintaining quality standards for years, it has also been certified by ISO.
  • The pediatric surgery and the organ transplant unit of the clinic are ranked among the Forbes magazine’s top surgical units in Germany. At Aachen, the patients are treated using the safe and latest technology that is not available anywhere else. The clinic has LIMAX and Cusa systems installed for carrying out minimally invasive liver surgery. The system works best and is used for routine surgeries. The clinic also offers omega-loop gastric bypass surgery, which is an innovative method in addition to gastrectomy, which is used everywhere.
  • The traumatology and reconstructive surgery unit are excellent in offering reliable treatment services to patients who face any physical or mental trauma. At Aachen, a reconstructive surgery unit, patients with severe burns are administered. The specialists offer complete care, and psychiatrists work in coordination with the surgical staff to reduce the mental and physical trauma of the patients. The unit is baby-friendly, and patients from all age groups visit the unit.
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Departments and specialities

Aachen Gamma Knife Center 

This center was founded in 1998 and introduced the gamma knife technique for cancer treatment. This department of Aachen University Hospital gained special attention due to its collaboration with other specialty departments such as hematology, orthopedics, and neurosurgery depending on the location of cancerous cells.

Gamma knife is the type of radiosurgery but it is less invasive and less costly. It is an effective treatment with no pain and one session lasts from a few minutes up to an hour. Although, brain tumors are fatal if not detected on time.

It is effective on a variety of brain tumors, neuralgias, and other brain problems. This center ensures the early detection of tumors and treatments to elevate the quality of life and survival rates of patients that don’t want to undergo traumatic brain surgeries.

Aachen Heart and Kidney Center

Heart and kidney are closely related when it comes to hypertension and other cardiac problems. So, the Aachen hospital founded a heart and kidney center to provide special care and this department is really beneficial to heart patients with kidney problems. Here all the heart and kidney surgeries are also carried out using cutting-edge technologies and minimally invasive procedures.

In addition to it, heart diseases such as atrial fibrillation, atrial septal defect are also treated here and diagnosed with modern equipment and techniques. Pacemaker installation and mitral valve replacement are also done here with precision.

This department has the honor of 4000 open heart interventions along with the implantation of artificial heart support systems. There are separate intensive care units for the patients to closely monitor their pre and post-operative conditions.

Transplantology Department 

The transplant center works with the collaboration of other organ specialty departments. These intricate surgeries are carried out with accuracy and precision. Major transplant surgeries are as follows:

  • bone marrow transplant
  • lung transplant
  • kidney transplant
  • liver transplant
  • Corneal transplant.

Surgical resection and transplants are carried out in the neat and clean operation theaters to eliminate any chance of infection spread. Also, the hospital is also engaged in arranging the compatible organ donors that may be live or deceased. The preliminary tests are done to ensure accuracy and intraoperative imaging is also used to perform the surgery with precision.

The best postoperative care is also provided that allows the patient to fully recover. Patients from all over the world seek competent doctors and hospitals for these transplants and Aachen University Hospital is the best choice among them.

Department of Adult and Pediatric Orthopedics 

The orthopedics department in Aachen University Hospital is the main choice for patients for surgical and medical consultation. The staff and doctors are quite energetic and are ready for every emergency situation of traumatic injuries and musculoskeletal disorders. Here, all the diagnostics include imaging tests such as CT scans, MRIs, X-rays, etc.

Doctors employ all the evidence-based studies for the treatments and minimally invasive procedures such as arthroscopy, arthroplasty, spinal disc replacement, tissue-guided surgeries, robot-assisted surgeries, and sensor-embedded implants.

Customized bone implants are also done through 3D printing titanium devices which are size controllable. These treatments are cost-effective and less timely than other traditional surgical methods and enable fast recovery. More than 15000 patients are treated annually through this department.

Department of Oral and Maxillo Facial Surgery 

This department mainly deals with the aesthetic surgeries of the face and neck. The congenital facial defects are treated through surgical interventions. 3D modeling of the after-effects is also done to get the beforehand idea of the surgical procedure.

Here all the face and neck-related procedures are done such as rhinoplasty, microvascular flap surgery, facelift, dermatosurgery, cleft lip and palate, craniofacial surgery, botulinum toxin therapy, scar treatments. Laser surgery is also done here in specially equipped rooms for acne scars, facial hair growth, and skin rejuvenation.

The maxillofacial surgery department in Aachen University Hospital also deals with the removal of the malignant tumor in the buccal cavity. Scientists use all the advanced treatment strategies such as radiosurgery and minimally invasive surgeries using robotics.

Furthermore, other dental treatments are also provided in an outpatient clinic. Oral surgeries are also done such as periodontal surgery, tooth implantation, augmentation procedures, etc.

Neurology Department 

The Neurology department is also a specialty department dealing with all the neurological problems in the body. Diagnosis and treatments of diseases like Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, Huntington’s disease, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia are done through the latest techniques such as deep brain stimulation are done here at Aachen University Hospital.

Neuromuscular problems are also treated here such as dysphagia, cerebral vasculitis, ataxia, and epilepsy. Aachen hospital in Berlin delivers the best neurological care to all of its patients. The staff of the hospital closely monitor the patient’s condition and then suggest a suitable treatment regimen.

The main feature of this department is the establishment of special stroke units that are comprehensive and supra-regional. This unit manages the stroke condition through effective treatments and also keeps the patients under their observation for a few days to gain better stability.

Neurosurgery is also done in specially equipped operation theaters using intraoperative diagnostics and neuroimaging systems to provide the surgeon a better idea of his surgery. Neuronavigation is also the best intraoperative tool for precise and accurate incisions.

Aachen University Hospital plastic surgery unit

The clinic has a plastic surgery unit where the world’s top plastic surgeons work to improve the natural aesthetics of people. The unit has separate rooms for males and females where proper care is provided to both genders. The clinic has a wide variety of treatment procedures for males as well, and every year more than 1500 plastic surgery procedures are performed on males.

The people also visit reconstructive and plastic surgery units to get rid of their birth scars, marks, or burns. The specialists use innovative non-surgical procedures to treat patients. The treatments offered at Aachen are innovative and plastic surgeons mostly prefer those techniques that provide instant results and do not require any follow-up treatments.

The clinic is famous for delivering breast reconstruction procedures for males due to gynecomastia. For females breast reconstruction, the plastic surgeons use breast tissues because they show better results than implants. The other services offered at Aachen include

  • Abdominal lift- The plastic surgeons remove adipose fat from the abdomen to contour the belly.
  • Blepharoplasty- This technique is used to uplift the saggy lids due to aging or any other problem.

 Aachen University Hospital gynecology & obstetrics

The gynecology & obstetrics unit at Aachen is well-organized and equipped with all the latest equipment that is required for routine services. The gynecologists at the clinic use high-tech instruments such as 3D abdominal and vaginal ultrasound, mammography to check breast health and CT scans.

The fetal heart rhythms and the movement is monitored through monthly checkups. The unit is safe for children as every year, around 15000 babies are born in the unit. The gynecologists take care of the mother and the baby from the first trimester till delivery.

The gynecologists and staff provide comprehensive postpartum care plans for new mothers so that the mother and the baby are safe and healthy. The gynecologists and the oncologists work in collaboration to detect breast and uterine abnormalities.

The gynecologists perform scans and provide primary care to mothers who experience any abnormality and then are referred to the oncological unit upon detection of the disease. The clinic has its family center specifically for its members, where comprehensive care is offered to working mothers. The gynecologists perform minimally invasive surgeries in case of any gynecological defect.

  • IVF treatment- This is an effective treatment that is used to overcome infertility issues. The egg is fertilized in-vitro, and a full-term baby is produced.
  • Hormonal therapy-This therapy works for young girls and women at menopause to treat hormonal changes.

Doctors of Aachen University Hospital

Prof. Dr. Med. Frank Holzle
Specializations: General Surgery Work experience: 22 years
Consultation Price upon request
Prof. Dr. Jörg B. Schulz
Specializations: Neurology & Neurosurgery Work experience: 30 years
Consultation Price upon request

Prices in Aachen University Hospital

  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment
Procedure Cost
Angiography $ 1800
Tumor Biopsy $ 1500
CT Scan $ 700
Mammography $ 250
MRI $ 900
PET CT $ 1500
Ultrasonic Investigation of Pelvic Organs $ 400
Procedure Cost
Knee Arthroscopy $ 12000
Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) $ 42000
Hip Replacement $ 17000
Implantation of Artificial Pacemaker Price upon request
Liver Transplant Price upon request
Nephroblastoma Treatment $ 12000
Cystectomy $ 22000


Airport/Hotel Transfer
Airport/Hotel Transfer

Interesting facts:

open heart interventions
thousand inpatients annually

Reviews about Aachen University Hospital (8)

Breast Implant Removal
Some time ago I had breast augmentation with implants, but after a while I realized that it was not for me. Yes, the implant was quite small, but I could not get rid of the feeling of "unnatural" breasts. Therefore, she turned to the Aachen clinic for the removal of implants. The doctors also recommended that I undergo lipofilling in order to slightly correct the shape, while achieving a natural effect. The result came out just great!
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Lips micrographic surgery
Got micrographic surgery for my lip cancer from a German Hospital and am glad for my decision to choose the hospital today. I am now free of the sore and my lip was also adjusted by the plastic surgeons. I will surely recommend them to everyone, Ursula.
My younger sister got her cerebral palsy treatment from Dr. Jorg B. Schulz while we were residing in Germany. He is an excellent doctor and his treatment plan really worked for my sister. She had mobility and balance issues which were sorted to a great extent. He is an incomparable doctor and has a great attitude towards his patients.
Aachen university hospital is always my top priority when it comes to healthcare because I always had the best services at the hospital. Last year, I went to the clinic with a friend of mine who was diagnosed with stomach cancer and was experiencing severe symptoms. I took him to the clinic and the doctor performed all the diagnostic tests to detect the issue and the metastasis. Luckily it was stage 2 so the doctor suggested gastrectomy. My friend was not ready for surgery but I encouraged him. It went well and now he is completely fine and has no symptoms.
Melanoma Surgery
I had my Melanoma surgery in Germany which proved to be a good treatment. The doctors and hospital staff handled me professionally and took good care of me.
A 53-year-old patient gave five stars to Aachen clinic. The administration staff is amicable. I had my radiotherapy sessions for leukemia. The doctor provided me thorough guidance about the situation. I did not pay any hidden charges.
Atrial septal defect repair
 My daughter had a congenital atrial septal defect and the doctors cured it through surgery and made sure that my daughter stayed calm and in less pain throughout the stay at the Aachen University Hospital.
Kidney transplantation
I got my kidney transplant and that whole journey was made easier by getting a potential donor. The doctors ensured that I was ready for the transplant and the surgery went successfully.

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Is speech therapy available in the hospital?

Yes, speech therapy is provided to the patients.

What treatments are available for atherosclerosis?

Angioplasty and stent replacement, Bypass surgery, Fibrinolytic therapy are available for atherosclerosis.

Do the surgeons at Aachen offer treatment for pancreas cancer?

Yes, the clinic has an oncology unit that is equipped with high-end diagnostic tools including MRI, X-ray, and a PET-CT scan. All these tools help in detection of the tumors. After analyzing the patient’s condition, the oncologists either perform a pancreatectomy which is a minimally invasive surgery or choose chemotherapy for higher stage disease.
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