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Turkey, Istanbul, Bahçelievler Merkez, Eski Londra Asf Cd No:227, 34180 Bahçelievler/İstanbul, Turkey
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Joint Commission International

LEED Platinum certificate
LEED Platinum certificate

LEED standard is given to energy-efficient, environmentally friendly buildings where people feel comfortable.

About the Memorial Bahcelieveler Hospital

Memorial Bahcelieveler Hospital is a venture of Memorial Health Group which is one of the top health groups working in Turkey to ensure the provision of quality health services in the field of Medicine. Memorial Bahcelievler Hospital is in the heart of the Istanbul making it accessible to all the people living there. Cutting-edge technology, high end laboratory techniques and latest minimal invasive treatment procedures has helped the hospital earn a good reputation among the hospitals of Istanbul. Above all, the doctors of international prestige and of top skills are working here to serve humanity. The hospital not only receives patient from the Turkey but people from around the globe visit it.

Go Green Plan by Memorial Bahcelieveler Hospital

Keeping in mind the therapeutic effect of greenery, the hospital is designed with the concept of "Green Hospital". In other words, Green hospital concept is based on the plan that the hospital aims to adopt energy efficient and environmentally friendly strategies for instance use of LED Lights to save electricity and planting trees around the hospital to improve the air quality of the hospital. This is why,  Memorial Bahcelieveler Hospital is the first one to receive the "LEED PLATINUM CERTIFICATION".

Memorial Bahcelieveler Infrastructure

Memorial Bahcelieveler hospital offers the following facilities:

  • Parking area
  • Green belt 8000m2 out of 72000m2
  • TV, Phone available in private rooms
  • Bed capacity of 320
  • 15 operation theaters
  • 49 ICUs
  • 30 observation rooms

High-tech systems

  • Magnetom Skyra 3T MR
  • Somatom Drive
  • Elekta Versa HD SIGNATURE
  • Da Vinci XI
  • Neuro- navigations and monitoring
  • Latest MRI (3.0 Tesla) and CT scan techniques
  • TrueBeam STx

What Does the Memorial Bahcelieveler Hospital have to offer to their patients?

  • Highly Qualified Doctors
  • Experienced and cooperative staff in management
  • Well Equipped labs
  • Comfortable Environment
  • Latest technology
  • Best Diagnostic techniques
  • Successful surgeries and cancer treatments
  • Special services to international patients
  • At 5 minutes drive from Ataturk International Airport
  • Patient-oriented service, with the healing power of nature and art, combined with modern architectural design
  • Personal coordinator appointed for each foreign patient
Free Consultation
about treatment in Memorial Bahcelieveler Hospital
Personalized treatment plan
Personal Medical Coordinator
Priority appointments
Waiting time for a response - 7 minutes

Departments and specialities

Memorial Bahcelieveler Oncology Department

Memorial Bahcelieveler Oncology Department offers chemotherapy where cancerous cells are targeted by the medicines and chemicals that not only kills cancerous cells but effect the healthy cells too. The Oncology Department of Memorial Bahceliever hospital has been designed to provide utmost care to cancer patients. The department has the highly advanced technology like PET-CT, latest MRI machinery and many more which provides the most accurate diagnosis and results related to cancer pinpointing the exact location and the severity of the tumor or cancerous cells which would help the doctors to provide the personalized treatment to the patient accordingly which includes the minimal invasive surgeries, advanced chemotherapy drugs. Patients with breast, colon, intestinal, thoracic, gynecological, urological and many other types of cancers are treated here.

  • Advanced diagnostic techniques
  • Advanced treatment surgeries
  • High success rates

Some ultramodern systems that are used at the department include:

  • Radiation therapy device Elekta Versa HD SIGNATURE. It allows you to destroy only tumor cells without affecting healthy tissue.
  • Magnetom Skyra 3T MRI. It is a diagnostic unit, on which the examination of the whole body takes place in a few minutes. It can withstand significant overweight patients. Thanks to the 97% reduced noise level, the device is comfortable even for children and people suffering from claustrophobia.

Memorial Bahcelieveler Neurology and Neurosurgery Department

The issues with the brain and spinal cords are treated in the department of neurology and neurosurgery. The diseases that are treated in Memorial Bahcelieveler Neurology department are usually brain tumors, meningitis, strokes, epilepsy, some cerebral diseases, sleep problems, memory loss issues like Dementia, Alzheimer’s.

Memorial Memorial Bahcelieveler provides the latest and most advanced treatment for brain and spinal issues like the

  • Neuro- navigations and monitoring
  • Latest MRI (3.0 Tesla) and CT scan techniques
  • Gamma Knife
  • Cyber-knife
  • TrueBeam STx

Memorial Bahcelieveler Orthopedics Department

The diseases related to musculoskeletal system of body are treated at the Department of Orthopedics by different procedures like Knee replacement; Open ended and closed ended surgeries Physio therapies, rehabilitative therapies, hip joint replacement and many other. The diseases which are often treated in orthopedic section at Memorial Bahcelieveler are

  • Fractures
  • Genetic Bone defects
  • Herniated discs
  • Slipped discs
  • Sciatic nerves and pain
  • Degenerative issues in bones
  • Dislocated joints and injuries during sports

Memorial Bahcelieveler Plastic Surgery Department

Beauty industry is one of the emerging industries and now an important part of 21st century. In this era everyone either wants to look beautiful, attractive or wants to have the features that are flawless. People go for face lifting to look younger. The plastic surgery department offers the following popular procedures:

  • Rhinoplasty
  • Breast augmentation
  • Hair transplant
  • Liposuction

Memorial Bahcelieveler Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery Department

The Memorial Bahcelieveler Cardiology Department offers services to patients in the field of examination, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, coronary care and resuscitation for heart diseases. Few ultramodern procedures that are used mainly at the department are:

Transthorocal echocardiography

Sound waves are utilized to observe the structure and function of the heart (ultrasound). This approach is used without risk or pain to any patient, even pregnant women and infants, because this study does not employ radiation and no pharmacological preparations are used during the procedure.

EECP (Balloon Angioplasty)

Patients who require bypass surgery and dilatation of restricted vessels ,who are unable to undergo open surgery due to age or poor liver or lung function are candidates for balloon angioplasty. Balloon angioplasty does not require any prior preparation and is painless. Patients are not in any discomfort during the therapy session. EECP treatment takes an hour, and the complete treatment cycle takes 35 sessions. The patient can go back to work or home right after the surgery and resume their normal routine.

Coronary bypass

For coronary bypass grafting, Memorial Clinics' thoracic and cardiovascular surgery team uses 9x magnification glasses. Thermal cameras are used to monitor the operation following bypass surgery. Classical angiography, which was evaluated in the department using a three-dimensional computer system. Team of doctors at the department is the only team in Turkey that applies all of the above innovations.

Approximately 1000 heart procedures are conducted each year, with 78 percent of those being coronary artery bypass grafting and 22 percent being valve surgeries and adult congenital anomaly treatment. The Cardiac surgery at Memorial Hospital has a fatality rate of less than 1%. (in developed countries this figure is 1-3 percent ).

Few other procedures available at the department are:

  • Installing pacemakers
  • Bypass
  • Angioplasty
  • Valvar surgeries
  • Stents
  • Open heart surgeries
  • Varicose and arteries surgery

Memorial Bahcelieveler Organ Transplant department

The Organ Transplant Center treats not only Turkish citizens, but also foreign patients. The center is most known for successful liver and kidney transplants.

At the Memorial organ transplant center, the donor is discharged from the hospital within 2 days after the operation, and the patient is discharged from the hospital within a maximum of 1 week. Both the donor and the patient quickly return to their normal lives. According to statistics, 99% of kidney transplants and 93.5% of liver transplants are successfully completed.

Memorial Bahcelieveler Bone Marrow Transplant Center

The center was built according to the JACIE guidelines. The center has all of the contemporary technological capabilities and is designed to address the needs of patients from around the globe. Treatment procedures are carried out in the centre by using an interdisciplinary approach, and various blood disorders are administered here.

Adult BMT is done in two methods at the department.

  • Autologous : It's done using patients' cells from different bones.
  • Allogeneic: It's done using histocompatible family members or donors.

Previously, stem cells were extracted from bone marrow in operating rooms using specific needles. However, this approach is no longer widely employed. In recent years, an innovative method has been accessible at Memorial Bahçelievler's BMT program, in which stem cells are transported from the bone marrow to the blood circulation. Apheresis is a strategy used for collecting cells. Invasive operations are not required in this approach.

Success in transplantation does not only depend on how well equipped the center is  and how good prevention from infection is being provided, but also on taking the necessary measures to eliminate the complications that arise, and with the help of interdisciplinary collaboration and the experience of the team of Memorial Bahçelievler BMT center many operations were successful.

Furthermore the Hospital also has a pediatric BMT center, in which young children of all ages are attended with comprehensive care. They are offered both the autologous and allogeneic bone marrow transplant.

Memorial Bahcelieveler Hair Transplant Department

At the Hair Transplant Department, patients can expect good treatment outcomes. Memorial's skilled staff of hair transplant surgeons, high-quality care, and advanced procedures result in excellent treatment outcomes. By offering high-quality treatment and care, the Department is transforming patients' perceptions of hair transplants.

  • The FUE procedure is preferred for hair transplantation and has a high success rate due to its advantages, which include minimal visible scarring. A thorough scalp and hair analysis is performed before the operation, as well as consideration of the patient's preferences. Patients who are balding or who want more hair density can benefit from a hair transplant surgery.
  • New hair transplant procedures are being employed as a result of technical advancements. Because the treatment is painless, several of these procedures qualify as minimally invasive. FUE is a treatment that is considered advanced and is frequently used. The surgery is now carried out with the help of a sapphire blade.
  • The DHI, which is comparable to the former, is another improved type of FUE. Hair follicles are taken from one area of the patient's scalp and implanted in the balding zones by the surgeon. The procedure takes less time and is affordable as well but has a downside that it leaves the patient's head with a scar.

In addition to the hair transplant, patients are provided an exclusive treatment package that includes comfortable accommodations near the hospital and transportation. There is also a staff of international specialists that provide services to all foreign patients in their native language 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Doctors of Memorial Bahcelieveler Hospital

Prof. Dr. Mustafa Kurklu
Specializations: Orthopaedics Work experience: 19 years
Consultation $ 120
Prof. Dr. Gökhan Bozkurt
Specializations: Neurology & Neurosurgery Work experience: 35 years
Consultation $ 120
Dr. Mustafa Teoman Yanmaz
Specializations: Oncology Work experience: 20 years
Consultation $ 120
Dr. Mahmut Alan Kaya
Specializations: Plastic Surgery
Consultation $ 120
Prof. Akin Yildiz
Specializations: Oncology
Consultation Price upon request
Dr. Ediz Altınli
Specializations: Oncology, Surgery Work experience: 24 years
Consultation Price upon request
Dr. Müge Gökçe
Specializations: Oncohematology Work experience: 15 years
Consultation $ 120
Dr. Erhun Eyüboğlu
Specializations: Surgery Work experience: 25 years
Consultation $ 120
Dr. Veysel Sal
Specializations: Oncology Work experience: 16 years
Consultation Price upon request
Dr. Adnan Sayar
Specializations: Oncology, Surgery Work experience: 33 years
Consultation Price upon request
Dr. Atilla Eyüpoğolu
Specializations: Plastic Surgery Work experience: 9 years
Consultation Price upon request
Prof. Dr. Kamil Yalcin Polat
Specializations: Oncology, Surgery Work experience: 29 years
Consultation $ 120
Prof. Dr. Ali İrfan Emre
Specializations: Oncohematology Work experience: 21 year
Consultation Price upon request
Dr. Onur Yaman
Specializations: Neurology & Neurosurgery, Spine Surgery Work experience: 25 years
Consultation Price upon request
Prof. Dr. Fatih Aydogan
Specializations: Oncology
Consultation $ 120

Prices in Memorial Bahcelieveler Hospital

  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment
Procedure Cost
Angiography $ 1800
Bone marrow biopsy $ 3000
Colonoscopy $ 1300
Colposcopy Price upon request
CT Scan Price upon request
EEG (Electroencephalography) $ 550
Gastroscopy $ 650
HLA typing Price upon request
Lumbar Puncture Price upon request
MRI $ 450
Optical coherence tomography $ 550
PET CT Price upon request
PSA test Price upon request
Tumor Biopsy $ 1500



Interesting facts:

Success rate of kidney transplantation
st hospital in Turkey to comply with LEED standard
Success rate of liver transplantation

Special Offer

Services package: All Inclusive Hair Transplant
Price: $ 1600
Memorial Bahcelieveler Hospital
  • Airport Pickup/Transfer
  • Translator
  • Hotel 3 nights stay
  • FUE Hair Transplant
  • Shampoo, Lotion, hair Band, Medicines
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Reviews about Memorial Bahcelieveler Hospital (28)

Dr. Mustafa is a great orthopedist no doubt. I had a terrible accident last year due to which I faced a serious knee injury and needed to visit the best private hospital in the city. I visited the Memorial Hospital after 2 days of my accident and found Dr. Mustafa for my knee injury. He is devoted to his field of expertise and gave the best and phenomenal treatment to my knee. His team was very supportive and communicative. I would recommend him to everyone.
My baby was born with spina bifida and there wasn’t any satisfactory treatment in my country. We ended up in Memorial Bahcelievler Hospital in search of the best neurosurgeon. Dr. Bozturk managed this disorder quite effectively with ultimately improved the way of living of my daughter.  
I visited Memorial Bahcelievler Hospital to get an MRI fusion biopsy and was attended by a courteous staff and professional doctors. They did a great job with the biopsy, for which I’m grateful.

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Do people come for organ transplantation in Memorial Bahcelieveler Hospital?

Yes, it's one of the popular specialties of the hospital. The success rate of kidney transplantation is around 99.9% here.

In which languages do clinics process medical records?

Hospital accepts medical records in languages like Russian, English, Romanian, French, and Turkish.
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