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ISO 9001 and 14001, Quality and Environmental Management

ISO 9001 and 14001, Quality and Environmental Management


The Quirónsalud Valencia Hospital is located in the Condes de Denia palace that dates back to the early twentieth century. Since its inception, and with the efforts of the number one private hospital group in Spain and Europe, it has established itself as a benchmark for private medicine in the Valencian capital.

It is located a few meters from the bed of the Turia River and the Nursery Garden. Located in a high-class residential area and surrounded by green spaces, there is also a wide range of restaurants, hotels, and leisure services, as it is just a few minutes from the historic center of the city and its heart.

Thanks to the high quality of care, cutting-edge technology & recognized professionals in all its specialties, Quirónsalud Valencia has established itself as a center of recognized prestige and one of the best healthcare centers in Spain.

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Why do foreign patients prefer Quironsalud Valencia Hospital?


  • The Valencia Hospital has been awarded the TOP 20 Award on nine occasions, a benchmark program in the Spanish healthcare environment in which more than 300 hospitals participate nationwide, also becoming the private hospital with the best technology in the Valencian Community. Regarding its services, the hospital has obtained this same award in its areas of General Surgery and Orthopedic Surgery, and Traumatology.


  • The Quirónsalud Valencia Hospital has more than 60 different specialties: Obesity Unit, Cardiology, and Cardiovascular Surgery Service, Oncology, Ophthalmology, Plastic Surgery, Dermatology, and Hair Transplantation among others. These specialties are made up of prestigious professionals and elaborate work processes that allow the patient to have a complete and comprehensive diagnosis in which the entire medical team can assess their health in a coordinated manner.

Patient care

  • Patient care is their top priority. For this, the staff provides a personalized, warm service, which ensures the well-being of the patient and his family. A friendly treatment that is complemented by highly varied services, such as a personal advisor.
  • All the rooms are individual and spacious, guaranteeing the comfort of the patient and the companion. The international press is distributed daily. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are adapted to the customs of the international patient and are served according to the European schedule.

Healthcare team

  • Renowned professionals work at Quirónsalud Valencia, a highly qualified nursing team, and healthcare personnel who put all their effort into offering comprehensive and humane care to both the patient and his family. We are talking about professionals with a vocation for service and a great sensitivity towards the patient's ailments.
  • The prestige of Grupo Hospitalario Quirónsalud and the relevance of Hospital Quirónsalud Valencia allow them to have many of the great names in current medicine in our center, gathered in medical and surgical specialties. These medical teams, supported by selected and thoroughly trained nurses, assistants, and technicians, are in a position to offer patients the highest levels of quality of care.

Facilities & services

For this, the hospital has an area of fifteen thousand square meters, eleven thousand of them dedicated to hospital space. It also has 65 rooms,80 outpatient consultations, pediatric and adult ICU, 24-hour emergency service for the medical care of children and adults, ambulance service, and free visiting hours:

• Blood bank.

• 80 external consultations.

• 65 individual exterior rooms.

• Day hospital (11 rooms).

• Cancer day hospital.

• Clinical analysis laboratory.

• Laboratory of pathological anatomy.

• 1,000 m2 of parking.

• 45 parking spaces.

• 8 operating rooms.

• 2 dilation rooms and delivery room.

• 11 diagnostic imaging rooms.

• ICUs

Coverage with insurance companies

  • In addition, the hospital maintains extensive coverage with the main national & international medical insurance & travel insurance companies and a financing department with which to prepare a case study of each patient to find the best financing possibilities of up to 24 months without interest.

Quironsalud Valencia International Patients Department

The Quirónsalud Valencia Hospital is a reference for patients from all over the world. For the international patient, the hospital has its international admission department so that patients will have the support of a dedicated team of multilingual and highly trained international staff, offering a special approach to international patients, tourists, and resident foreign citizens who seek in the city his new residence.

The foreigners treated in this hospital highlight the great humane treatment, the existing technologies, and the qualified healthcare personnel available. The patient feels at home throughout the stay and does not perceive the cultural differences that may arise with his idiosyncrasies. He feels treated as if he is in his country at all times.

By having its international department, the procedures are carried out in the shortest possible time, so that the patient receives their treatment as soon as possible. All authorization procedures are carried out from the same hospital, so the patient himself does not have to worry about these procedures.

From the moment of your admission, the staff will monitor your health and provide you with the necessary medical care. The room staff will explain the details of your stay and attend to any questions you may have, guided by a personal advisor, understanding the importance of some additional support when you are away from home.

A way to put the necessary means so that all the information, doubts, and procedures that must be completed are carried out with the confidence and tranquility that the patient and his family require.

Free Consultation
about treatment in Quironsalud Valencia Hospital
Personalized treatment plan
Personal Medical Coordinator
Priority appointments
Waiting time for a response - 7 minutes

Departments and specialities

Quironsalud Valencia Oncology Unit

The department is among the first units that were inaugurated when the clinic was established. After the immense response, it has been renovated and an independent pediatrics oncology unit has been set up. The oncologists at Quironsalud Valencia take complex cases and with their expertise.

They monitor every case with past medical history and discuss what is best for the patient. The diagnosis is given prime importance in the Quironsalud Valencia because without making an accurate diagnosis, the oncologists do not start the treatment. Using PET-CT scan, they monitor the metastasis and after that start the treatment according to disease stage.

Minimally invasive surgery is preferred for the initial stages because of its efficacy and precision and later on, if there are chances of recurrence or patients have high stage cancer then radiation methods are used to cure the disease.


This method works best for patients where the tumors are present in the internal organs. In that case, surgeons use this method which generates ultrasonic waves. These waves are of high intensity and ablate the tumors. Only two to three sessions prove sufficient for patients.


This is based on minimally invasive surgery where oncologists remove the tumors from the prostate with great precision. It is preferred for stage 1 and 2 cancer.

Targeted therapy

This therapy is used in modern medicine because of its efficacy over other non-invasive methods. The drugs are preferred that are genetically compatible with the patient. The cost of the targeted therapy is less than in other European countries.

Quironsalud Valencia Cardiology Unit

The setup at the cardiology unit is exceptional because the latest technology at the clinic is not available in every other private sector. Cardiologists are pioneers in their field. The mode of treatment is based on the physical evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring.

The clinic has a proper setup for stenting methods. The stenting has proved a substantial procedure in controlling the vessel's blockade. To control coronary defects, this method has replaced open-heart surgery. The cardiologists offer

  • TAVI
  • EKG
  • Bypass surgery
  • Heart transplant
  • ECG
  • Coronary stenting
  • EEG
  •  VAT

Quironsalud Valencia Neurosurgery Unit

The clinic has a well-organized neurosurgery unit that is laced up with the latest instruments and the neurosurgeons specify treatments that seem suitable for the patient. The electroencephalogram along with the neuroimaging is used to monitor the nervous system. The system accurately monitors the defects and the neurosurgeons plan the treatment accordingly.

The surgeons prefer to use minimally invasive surgery and use radio techniques when there are tumors in the internal layers. The neurosurgeons use spinal surgery if there are defects associated. They offer

  • Epilepsy
  • Herniated treatment
  • Neuroimaging
  • Scoliosis
  • Alzheimer’s treatment
  • Electroencephalography
  • Laminectomy
  • Cervical discectomy

Quironsalud Valencia Orthopedics & Traumatology Unit

The unit has a wide array of services, from orthopedics to trauma unit, rehabilitation, and a sports center. The orthopedics manage patients with bone defects or congenital injuries and if required they send the patient to a rehabilitation center where they manage the case with their rehabilitation exercises that often help in improving the mobility of the patients.

The physiotherapists also monitor patients’ progress according to their planned treatment regime. The availability of medical services makes this center unique because of its easy accessibility. The surgeons offer

  • Knee arthroplasty
  • Bone scintigraphy
  • Shoulder joint replacement therapy
  • X-ray
  • Arthritis management
  • Hip replacement
  • Hand surgery

Doctors of Quironsalud Valencia Hospital

Dr. Ricardo Yaya Tur
Specializations: Oncology Work experience: 23 years Details about doctor
Consultation $ 350
Dr. Luis Martí Bonmatí
Specializations: Oncology Details about doctor
Consultation Price upon request
Dr. Andrés Poveda Velasco
Specializations: Oncology Work experience: 20 years Details about doctor
Consultation Price upon request
Dr. Catherine Lauwers Nelissen
Consultation Price upon request
Dr. Carlos Sala Palau
Consultation $ 450
Dr. Fernando Gómez López
Consultation Price upon request
Dr. Vicente Carratalá Baixauli
Consultation $ 450


Airport/Hotel Transfer
Airport/Hotel Transfer

Reviews about Quironsalud Valencia Hospital (33)

Mauvika Kasyhp
Hong Kong
I was diagnosed with periventricular leukomalacia (PVL) after my premature birth. Initially, my parents were very worried about my health and future development, but with the help of my doctors and therapists at Quironsalud Hospital Valencia, I have been able to make progress and reach important milestones. Living with PVL has its challenges, including motor difficulties, speech delays, and learning disabilities. However, I have received great support from my family, caregivers, and medical team, who have worked tirelessly to provide me with the best possible care and interventions. Although PVL is a lifelong condition, I am determined to keep pushing myself and achieving my goals. I am grateful for the love and care I have received, and I am optimistic about my future. My team at Quironsalud Hospital Valencia is very supportive.
Darn Lee
I was diagnosed with an AVM a few months ago, and it was quite scary to learn about this condition. However, I am very grateful to have been able to receive proper treatment and care from my doctors at Quironsalud Hospital Valencia. Initially, I did not know much about AVMs and was concerned about what the diagnosis would mean for my health. My doctors did a great job explaining the condition to me and the treatment options available. They recommended that I undergo embolization followed by surgery to remove the AVM. The procedure itself was not too difficult, and I was able to return home the next day. The recovery process was a bit more challenging, but my medical team gave me great support and care. They made sure that I was comfortable and provided me with all the necessary information. Now that I have fully recovered, I feel grateful for the care I received and the successful treatment. I feel much better and am able to resume my daily activities without any problems.
Jacob Din
As a patient diagnosed with an aneurysm of the cerebral artery, I wanted to share my experience to help others who may be going through the same thing. Firstly, the diagnosis itself was a shock. I had been experiencing some mild headaches, but I never expected to be told that I had a bulge in the blood vessel in my brain. The medical team at Quironsalud Valencia was very reassuring, and they explained the condition to me in detail, which helped me understand what was happening. The treatment process was also smooth. I was offered two options: surgery or endovascular coiling. After careful consideration, I chose endovascular coiling. The procedure was performed under local anesthesia, and I could go home the next day. I experienced some headaches and fatigue for a few days, but overall, it was smooth. I had to take some time off work to rest, but after a week or so, I could resume my normal activities.
Lavita Jain
Reconstruction of the Intervertebral Cartilage
I recently underwent a discectomy to reconstruct my intervertebral cartilage, and I could not be happier with the results. Prior to the surgery, I was experiencing chronic back pain and limited mobility. My doctor at Quironsalud Hospital Valencia recommended this procedure to address the root cause of my discomfort. The surgery itself was relatively straightforward, and my recovery time was minimal. Within a few weeks, I noticed a significant improvement. I no longer experience the constant pain I had grown accustomed to, and I can move around more freely. The reconstruction surgery has truly been life-changing for me. I can now enjoy activities I had previously given up on due to my back pain. I would highly recommend this procedure to anyone who is experiencing similar issues.
Nik Forge
Radiation therapy
As a patient recently diagnosed with Malignant Schwannoma, I would like to share my experience with others facing the same diagnosis. I am a 45-year-old woman who noticed a lump in my leg a few months ago. Initially, I thought it was just a benign cyst, but after consulting with my doctor at Quironsalud Hospital Valencia and undergoing a series of tests, I was diagnosed with Malignant Schwannoma. Although the diagnosis was initially difficult to accept, I felt grateful that my doctor caught it early and we could start treatment immediately. I underwent surgery to remove the tumor, followed by radiation therapy. The treatment was challenging, but I had an excellent medical team who supported me throughout the process.
Benjamin Akira
I underwent surgery for my interventricular septal defect at Quironsalud Valencia Hospital in Spain, and I couldn't be happier with the care I received. The medical team was professional and knowledgeable, and they explained everything to me in a way that was easy to understand. The surgery itself went smoothly, and the recovery process was much easier than I anticipated. The hospital facilities were modern and clean, and the staff was attentive and compassionate.
Shian Bain
I was diagnosed with a mediastinal tumor a few months ago and was understandably nervous about the treatment process. However, thanks to my incredible medical team at Quironsalud Hospital Valencia and their expertise in treating this type of tumor using radiotherapy, I was able to receive top-notch care and support throughout my journey. The treatment was challenging, but my doctors and nurses were always there to answer my questions and ease my concerns. Despite the difficulties, I am happy to say that my tumor is shrinking, and my health is improving.
Louise , 34 y.o.
I am extremely grateful to Quironsalud Valencia Hospital for the outstanding care I received during my cavernous fistula treatment. The team was very professional and attentive, and they made sure I was comfortable and informed every step of the way. Thanks to their expertise and dedication, I am now on the road to recovery and feeling much better. I would highly recommend Quironsalud Valencia Hospital to anyone in need of top-quality medical care.
Robert Nek
I was diagnosed with Glioma, and it was a shock to hear the news. But thanks to the incredible team at Quironsalud Hospital Valencia, I was able to receive the best possible care and treatment. From the beginning, I felt supported and cared for by the compassionate doctors and staff dedicated to my well-being. The treatment process with radiotherapy was challenging, but the team was with me every step of the way. They kept me informed and involved in my care, answering my questions and concerns with patience and understanding. I felt like I had a team of experts in my corner who was truly invested in my health and recovery.
Reeha Ahmed
I visited Dr. Luis Martí Bonmatí Clinic at Quironsalud Valencia Hospital, to get a proctocolectomy done, and got satisfying results. 
Shawn Argent
Cervical Conization
I visited Dr. Andres Poveda Velasco at Clinic Quiron Salud Valencia to get cervical conization done for the treatment of cervical dysplasia. And I got satisfying results. 
Rokeh Forbes
I was diagnosed with cervical cancer last year, and my oncologist performed cryodestruction as the cancer was in its initial stage. The doctors at Quironsalud Valencia Hospital took care of me.
Kayla Jane
Bone Scintigraphy
I had my bone scintigraphy at the Quironsalud Valencia Clinic while in Spain. The hospital’s service was quick, and the doctor for consultation was available too, which saved my time.
Анит Сирк
Resection of Part of Intestine with Colon Tumor
I went to Quiron Salud Valencia for an operation. I was pleasantly surprised by the attitude of the medical staff. They were very polite and quickly came to me when I called them. I also want to note the professionalism of doctors. I have only good impressions from the clinic.
This review was translated automatically
Кармен Гомес Понсе
Hip Replacement
My thanks to Dr. José Luis López Peris and his entire Orthopedic Trauma Surgery Team! I highly doubt that Valencia currently has a team of orthopedists better than this one. Great professionals, with great human values.
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Heart valve repair surgery
We decided to do heart valve surgery for my mother in Spain. The service helped to decide on the clinic. We chose Quiron Valencia, because they have very successful heart surgeries. My mother and I were placed in the same room. All staff are helpful. Mom was prescribed a lot of tests, tests, visualization of blood vessels. In general, I realized that we got to the right place. On the day of the operation, I was very worried, but everything worked out. I won’t say for sure what kind of operation the medical term was, but they said that there was minimally invasive surgery. Mom recovered quickly. I am very satisfied with the clinic and doctors.
This review was translated automatically
FUE Hair Transplant
I did a FUE hair transplant in Quiron in Valencia to increase the density of the hair, and not build it up, because it still looks unnatural and you can see everything when it grows back. Of course, Spanish doctors are something. Handsome and professional. I am very satisfied with the result of the procedure. I now recommend to all my friends!
This review was translated automatically
Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)
I did rhinoplasty in the Spanish clinic Quiron in Valencia. The medical center does not look like a hospital, but like a modern prestigious clinic. I really liked the result of the work. I have wanted to fix the shape of my nose for a long time. I was diagnosed, checked the tests, which pleases, because the issue is not only in earnings, but also in the health of the patient himself. I recommend!
This review was translated automatically
I had my laser surgery in Spain. The whole process from consultation to the procedure went smoothly, the doctors were amazing and the service of the hospital was also top-notch.
I went to Quironsalud Valenica Hospital for my radiotherapy sessions. The doctor suggested this to prevent the cancer from growing again. I'm still getting the treatment and I feel better.
Cervical Discectomy
My brother needed a cervical discectomy. I was not sure where to take him. After much research and asking my collegues. They suggested that Quironsalud Valencia would be a good option for treatment. I booked an appointment with the doctor there. He suggested a few tests before the surgery. After the results were analyzed, three days later my brother underwent the surgery. He is now feeling better.
I want to thank the team of doctors at the Quirón Salud clinic, and separately Dr. Vicente!. In my home country, doctors unanimously told me that with my herniated discs and unstable vertebrae I would be lying in less than 5 years + a full set of restrictions on movement, they gave me a bunch of unnecessary dietary supplements and ineffective pain relievers. I initially spoke to Dr. Vicente on Skype, so he already said then that even in my current state I can be easily put on my feet by removing hernias and stabilizing the vertebrae with a Da Vinci robot. The operation went well and after 2 weeks of rehabilitation, I forgot about the constant back pain and restriction in movement. Now everything is in order, I am gradually returning to a normal lifestyle, completely abandoning painkillers.
Shoulder Replacement
Dr. Vicente Carratalá and I crossed paths when I had a tragic accident and got my shoulder fractured. I underwent a successful operation, and my recovery was also rapid. He is an excellent physician with both expertise and communication with the patient. He is a wonderful person whom I can reach 24/7 and get full answers to my questions. 
Gastric Sleeve
I am really thankful to Dr. Carlos Sala for his amazing services. He is a very successful doctor in his field. We thank him very much for taking care of us and giving us a new life. I had stomach reduction surgery. I went into surgery with a weight of 133 kilograms. It's been 7 months and I'm 92 kilograms now. I don't have any health problems at the moment. He is very interested in a follow-up. Every time I called, they answered my phone no matter what time it was. I was very satisfied.
Heart valve repair surgery
Dr. Catherine Lauwers is one of the best doctors you can go to. She is a friendly, understanding, helpful doctor who does her job very well and who loves her patients. Since Dr. Catherine Lauwers gives confidence to his patients, we deliver ourselves with confidence. God bless her. I had a narrowing of my heart valve. I went through a certain course of treatment. Our process continues and I am hopeful for a fast recovery. I would highly recommend her to everyone.
Removal of Ovarian Cancer
We had an infertility problem. That's why we reached out to him. We have been going for 6 years. Surgery was done, treatments were done. Finally, we succeeded. We already trusted Dr. Andrés Poveda Velasco a lot. A very caring doctor. He was there for us whenever we needed him. His communication is very good. Even if we sent a message at 11 at night, it would return. Sometimes we were in a position to give up. They believed, and they made us believe. They provided a lot of support as moral motivation. Both Dr. Andrés Poveda and all the staff are great. We thank them very much.
Spinal Disc Herniation Treatment
I visited Quironsalud Valencia Hospital for the treatment of my spinal disc hernia. The doctor performed an extensive diagnosis followed by surgery. Everything went well, glad to have chosen the hospital.
Surprisingly friendly and witty. Dr. Luis Martí's guidance and approach are very unique. One thing I observed is that he wants the patient in front of him to be open and act accordingly. If you are not open and honest, he can act cold as well. I am very pleased with him and would recommend him to others.
I used to have the mass in my breast checked regularly, but I had question marks in my mind. I searched for a reliable doctor through the internet and found Dr. Luis Martí. Then our general surgeon also recommended him. We were told during recommendation that he is amongst the best in this field. After a very detailed examination and evaluation by Dr. Luis Martí, we realized that we were at the right place. He saw us in a low mode and gave us all kinds of information. He patiently gave a detailed answer even after the absurd questions we asked in the spirit of the situation we were in. Additionally, an important quality of Dr. Luis Martí. is that he has adapted artificial intelligence technology in his examinations. He provides service with technology far above the standards in today's world where technology is extremely important. This is a really respectable situation and a reason for preference on its own.
I always heard about the Quironsalud Valencia services but never got a chance to visit the clinic. Last year when everything was up and down due to COVID-19 we had an emergency and we had to take our mother to the clinic who was experiencing severe pain in the stomach. The doctor immediately attended to her and after proper diagnosis, he informed us that she had stomach cancer. But he informed us that it’s in the initial stages so we can perform a gastrectomy to get rid of it. He performed surgery and after few days of monitoring, she got recovered
Spain has always been considered the best for medical services and the best part is the availability of medical tourism companies that connect you to hospitals. I contacted Clinicsoncall coordinators because it was recommended by a friend. They informed me about the procedure, and treatment package. I wanted to have a discectomy for my herniated disk. It was suggested by my doctor so I decided to have it at Quironsalud Valencia. The treatment went well and I'm impressed by their services.
Quironsalud Valencia cancer daycare is indeed an exceptional place for cancer treatment. They have best surgeons in town and very accommodating staff.
After my pregnancy, I gained a lot of weight, especially fat on my tummy. I got my Liposuction treatment from Quironsalud Valencia and I am so satisfied with their services.

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What are the popular specialties of Quironsalud Valencia Hospital?

The Quirónsalud Valencia Hospital has more than 60 different specialties: Obesity Unit, Cardiology, and Cardiovascular Surgery Service, Oncology, Ophthalmology, Plastic Surgery, Dermatology, and Hair Transplantation among others. These specialties are made up of prestigious professionals and elaborate work processes that allow the patient to have a complete and comprehensive diagnosis in which the entire medical team can assess their health in a coordinated manner.

How long will it take for an oncologist to diagnose cancer of the small intestine?

In Quironsalud Torrevieja, they have the latest equipment specifically installed for certain diseases. They have MRIs which give information about the tumors inside the body. Secondly, they have the latest generation Doppler ultrasound to determine abnormalities inside large vessels. PET-CT is another testing technique to determine metastasis. It all takes place within minutes as soon as the patient visits the hospital.
Published: 03.03.2021 Updated: 25.04.2023
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