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About St. Zdislava Hospital

The St. Zdislava Hospital was established in 2007 in the calm and beautiful Bohemian Highlands. It is the first hospital in the Czech Republic that introduced robotic surgical procedures and is highly recognized for its robotic prostate surgery. Hence, it is the main reason that patients from all over the world seek multidisciplinary surgical procedures from here.

The unparalleled treatment approaches and implication of the latest research are the prime features. The state-of-the-art hospital infrastructure with efficient and highly qualified doctors, technicians, and staff makes it the leading healthcare space in the Czech Republic with about 150 beds.

Here, doctors provide optimal treatments and diagnostics in a controlled environment. The outclass quality management of the St. Zdislava along with patient-centric approaches are the highlighted feature here. The main priority of the hospital is to employ the latest cutting-edge technologies and services that provide suitable and painless treatment with 200 employee’s contributions.

As it is a multidisciplinary healthcare space, which strongly contributes to the patient's well-being and speedy rehabilitation in which the doctors and hospital environment plays a crucial role. The mesmerizing mountain views from the St. Zdislava Hospital make its infrastructure even more beautiful. You can’t find any other hospital in the Czech Republic with such a view.

St. Zdislava Hospital is well recognized for performing the following procedures;

  • Orthopedic operations
  • Obesity surgery
  • Joint replacement
  • Robotic prostate operation
  • Kidney surgeries
  • Rehabilitation and physiotherapy
  • Radiodiagnostics
  • Plastic and aesthetic surgery

Why Choose St. Zdislava?

St. Zdislava University Hospital offers the best treatment and accommodation facilities for their local as well as international patients. There is a preoperative detailed consultation with the surgeon and anesthesiologist before major surgeries.

The private rooms in the hospital are quite comfortable for rehabilitation and under observation purposes. All the necessities are present at once with multi-function beds, wheelchair-assisted bathrooms, TV, internet, wardrobes, and the communication service with hospital staff for further assistance.

Specialized transport and ambulatory service for the patient and their attendants from the airport and hospital are also given. Specialized dietary meal plans with keeping the patient's preferences in mind are available here.

Some of the exceptional features of the St. Zdislava that make it an outstanding clinic are;

  • For its exceptional facilities and exemplary services, the hospital has been accredited with SAK (Czech Commission for Accreditation of Medical Institutions)
  • The center performs more than 2000 surgeries annually with a success rate
  • Annually around 250 patients, both regional and international are treated using a minimally invasive prostatectomy procedure
  • The hospital has the aim of preserving fertility in males suffering from prostate cancer with a success rate of more than 79%
  • No such advanced hospital is present in whole Europe specifically for performing Da Vinci Robotic Surgery
  • In a survey of Czech in 2016, the hospital received the top 3 positions in satisfaction of all; inpatients, outpatients, and staff
  • St. Zdislava has world-class doctors available in the region with the presence of Dr. Jaroslav who was the first specialist of Czech to perform Da Vinci operation and is officially suggested by the Da Vinci company

Top-class technology at St. Zdislava Hospital

Digital X-ray:

Digital radiography (digital X-ray) is an X-ray imaging technique that employs digital X-ray sensors rather than standard photographic film. Increased efficiency by eliminating the need for chemical processing and the capacity to digitally transfer and improve photographs are two advantages of this diagnosis available at St. Zdislava. In addition, compared to conventional radiography, minimal radiation is required to produce an image with similar contrast.


Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical operation on a joint in which an arthroscope, an endoscope introduced into the joint through a small incision, is used to examine and sometimes treat damage.

Color doppler ultrasound:

A Doppler ultrasound is a nonsurgical diagnostic that uses high-frequency sound waves (ultrasound) to measure blood flow via your blood arteries by rebounding them off circulating red blood cells. A normal ultrasound produces images by using sound waves, but it cannot show blood flow.

Free Consultation
about treatment in St. Zdislava Hospital
Personalized treatment plan
Personal Medical Coordinator
Priority appointments
Waiting time for a response - 7 minutes

Departments and specialities

St. Zdislava Orthopedic Surgery Department

This department plays a huge role in the progress and success of St. Zdislava Hospital in Bohemia. Surgical procedures concerning the musculoskeletal system and joints are treated here. The best diagnostic procedures in the world are applied here such as Computed Tomography and radio diagnostics such as X-rays and MRI.

Treatment procedures:

  • Artificial Joint Replacement is done to replace the damaged joint or bone through metals, ceramic and plastic called a prosthesis
  • Arthrodesis is a joint fusion procedure that limits joint locomotion and gives significant pain relief
  • Arthroscopy is done to treat bone and joint damage through a minimally invasive laparoscope
  • Osteotomy alters the length and shape of the bone to correct the deformity or joint damage
  • Hip and knee replacement
  • Tissue-guided surgery is a tool that helps in intraoperative navigation towards the target
  • 3D evaluation is done before surgery to get an exact idea of the procedure
  • Vertebroplasty is used to treat fractured spine where a special cement is injected into the fractured vertebra

Postoperative rehabilitation, as well as physical therapies, are also available for patients to fully recover. European certified implants and equipment in the operation theater are used by well-known companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Zimmer-Biomet, etc.

St. Zdislava Vysočina Robotic Surgery Centre

Robotic surgery using an advanced Da Vinci Robotic system is one of the reasons for St. Zdislava Hospital's popularity. Nemocnice Svaté Zdislava is not the only one providing bed care facilities in Vysocina but also it is one of the most extensive networks for performing robotic operations in the Czech as well as the whole of Europe.

Using this system surgery is performed by robotic hands handled from the console by a specialized surgeon. The equipment provides a deep 3-dimensional view of bodily parts so that surgeries can be performed with high precision and accuracy. Above all, considering that robotic surgery can be costly due to its advancement hospital first analyses if the operation is possible through other surgical means to make treatment pocket-friendly for patients. The equipment is used in treating a large number of complications related to the urinary tract, male reproductive system, blood vessels, and obesity.

There are various advantages of robotic surgery due to which a large number of national and international patients prefers it;

  • Shorter stay at the hospital
  • Minimal damage to the tissues
  • Easily accessible procedure
  • Lesser post-operative pain
  • Quicker recovery
  • Shorter procedure as compared to open surgery
  • Less complex
  • Can be used for all bodily parts
  • Maximizes chance of success

St. Zdislava Bariatric Surgery and Obesity Department

St. Zdislava Hospital is famous for its successful bariatric surgery procedures to manage obesity and overweight. Obesity is the root cause of major cardiovascular and endocrine diseases. This department is the key specialty of the hospital and surgical interventions are done with precision.

Moreover, the use of surgical robotics in bariatric surgery decreases the recovery time due to the minimally invasive incisions that are healed quickly. The advantages of robotic surgery are numerous with no drawbacks.

Bariatric surgery can be done in a lot of ways according to your condition and weight. Frequently done bariatric procedures are:

  • Gastric bypass
  • Gastric band surgery
  • Duodenal switch surgery
  • Sleeve gastrectomy
  • Gastric balloon
  • Stomach stapling surgery

Some of these procedures are also carried out through laparoscopy which is also a minimally invasive procedure. For diagnostics, St. Zdislava bariatric surgery department uses high-quality imaging procedures such as ultrasonography.

St. Zdislava Brain and Spinal Diseases Center

St. zdislava hospital provides services of neurology and spinal treatment on an outpatients basis and in a highly sophisticated environment. There are present all kinds of high-tech equipment to make sure that all diseases are diagnosed at the earliest. The department also has the availability of exceptional specialists that have vast and successful experience in their fields. Some of the common diseases treated at the center are;

  • Acute spinal cord injury
  • Epilepsy and seizures
  • ALS
  • Ataxia
  • Muscular dystrophy
  • Huntington's

St. Zdislava Urology Department

The urology department of St. Zdislava Hospital in the Czech Republic focuses on urologic diseases in both males and females, andrology and prostate gland disorders in males. Male sexual and morphological disorders such as erectile dysfunction, impotence, and permanent contraception are done through medical as well as surgical procedures. Hence, all the male genital problems are catered here through implants, skin grafting, vasectomy, etc.

Moreover, prostate gland disorders such as prostatitis and prostate cancer. These diseases can be cured through several treatment approaches and techniques in which the robots Da Vinci are also used during major procedures. The St. Zdislava Urology department offers the following treatments:

  • Abdominal prostatectomy
  • Transurethral resection of the prostate.
  • Laser therapy
  • Radical prostatectomy
  • Hysterectomy
  • High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound
  • Frozen Surgery Method
  • Urinary tract reconstruction

These mentioned procedures are done in a specialized center of robotic surgery. These procedures have numerous benefits as compared to conventional interventional procedures and also preserves the urogenital system.

As far as urologic conditions are concerned, ST. Zdislava Hospital actively provides excretory system-related treatments and ensures proper diagnosis and proposes a tailor-made treatment plan for every individual patient. Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy is also done here which is a painless procedure used for the breakdown of stones present in the urogenital system.

St. Zdislava Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Department

Plastic and aesthetic surgical procedures are of the most famous specialty department of St. Zdislava Hospital in the Czech Republic. Most of the major intricate reconstructive and aesthetic treatments are done with the incorporation of optimal approaches. The most famous procedure provided by the St. Zdislava plastic surgery department are as follows:

  • Abdominoplasty and lipo abdominoplasty procedures are done for the removal of the excess skin that is left after the pregnancy or weight loss.
  • Mini abdominoplasty is done along with liposuction of the hips and abdomen.
  • Body contouring excessive fats and muscles are removed from the inside of thighs and arms.
  • Gynecomastia is done through liposuction of the enlarged breast tissue in men along with the removal of the enlarged mammary gland.
  • The facelift is done to improve and enhance the facial features such as cheeks lift, elimination of fine lines, smoothening of nasal grooves, etc.
  • Breast augmentation is carried out through various procedures such as implants, breast reduction, and remodeling of the breast through surgery
  • Liposuction is done through tumescent vibration equipment.

The above-mentioned procedures are done in specialized operation theaters that are thoroughly disinfected after each procedure.

St. Zdislava Endocrinology Department

St. Zdislava endocrinology department manages the hormonal disorders of adults and children. The doctors provide special therapies to overcome any hormone deficiency or excessive production. Mainly encountered disease diabetes here which is the root cause of several other problems and infections. The doctors closely monitor the patient’s conditions through tests and other examination approaches.

The other frequently treated disease is related to the thyroid gland. Surgical removal of the thyroid gland is also done here through minimally invasive approaches and equipment.

Doctors of St. Zdislava Hospital

Dr. Jan Dolezel
Specializations: Oncology, General Surgery Work experience: 20 years
Consultation $ 100
Dr. Jaroslav Tvaruzek
Specializations: Oncology, General Surgery Work experience: 30 years
Consultation $ 350
Dr. Igor Simonik
Specializations: General Surgery
Consultation Price upon request
Dr. Zdenek Eber
Specializations: Oncology, General Surgery
Consultation Price upon request
Dr. Azat Chamzin
Specializations: Oncology, General Surgery
Consultation Price upon request
Dr. Ivan Colombo
Specializations: Oncology Work experience: 30 years
Consultation Price upon request

Prices in St. Zdislava Hospital

  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment
Procedure Cost
Gastroscopy $ 13000
Gastroscopy with Biopsy Price upon request
Colonoscopy $ 1397
Procedure Cost
Knee Arthroscopy Price upon request
Gastric Banding Price upon request
Laparoscopic Nephrectomy Price upon request
Prostatectomy Price upon request
Robot Da Vinci Prostatectomy $ 14400
Gastric Sleeve $ 7800
Cholecystectomy Price upon request


Airport/Hotel Transfer
Airport/Hotel Transfer

Interesting facts:

surgeries annually
robotic surgery annually
bariatric procedures
orthopedic surgeries annually

Reviews about St. Zdislava Hospital

Sonyar, 40 y.o.
Robotic Operation for Tumor Removal
My brother had bladder cancer. We turned to Clinics on Call to find a clinic in the Czech Republic. We are grateful to the manager who advised the clinic of St. Zdislava. He underwent surgery with a Da Vinci robot. Everything went well.
I got my thyroidectomy done at a St. Zdislava Hospital in the Czech Republic. The hospital was up to the expectations and the care I was offered was also of great quality. My surgery was a success, and I am now free of cancer. After a few months, my voice was also fully recovered, and I am very satisfied with their services.
I have had severe pain at my kidney site and no doctor was able to correctly diagnose the reason for it. He is the one who diagnosed my problem correctly and found me the solution.
Czech Republic
I have had my prostatectomy from Dr. Azat. he is not just my consultant but more of my friend who listens to each of my problems carefully. He always made sure that I had no fear before going for my surgery and gave me strength and satisfaction. He will always be my favorite person!
Robotic Surgery
I booked an appointment with Dr. Jaroslav Tvaruzek to get treatment for thyroid cancer. He suggested Da Vinci Robotic Surgery and claimed it to be minimally invasive. As he is an entrusted surgeon I took his word for it. The surgery was a success and went well without any complications. When I regained my consciousness I didn’t feel any discomfort. I am amazed by his expertise and grateful for his services.
Czech Republic
Prostate cancer surgery
I was recommended to get surgery for prostate cancer, so I consulted Dr. Jan Dolezel as he is a well-known surgeon. The surgery was successful and went well without any complications. It's all thanks to Dr. Dolezel's services and expertise for which I will always be grateful.
Czech Republic
My wife had gallbladder stones, but we were not aware of her situation. Last year we traveled to the Czech Republic for a business trip, and she got ill. I was not aware of the medical institutes in the country, so I took help from a friend who recommended Dr. Zdenek at St. Zdislava. At first, my wife was not willing to visit a surgeon, but I insisted, and then I booked an appointment. The surgeon was very kind, and he performed a few tests to evaluate her condition. Later on, he diagnosed my wife with gallbladder stones. It was a complete shock for me, but the doctor informed me that it could be treated easily. We discussed the problem, and he suggested cholecystectomy. We agreed to the surgery since her condition was deteriorating and she was not able to do anything. After three days, Dr. Zdenek performed the surgery. It went well, and my wife was kept under observation for three days. She responded well to surgery. Dr. Zdenek performed minimally invasive surgery, due to which she recovered quickly. I would recommend Dr. Zdenek to everyone since he facilitated us during our difficult time. He also provided post-surgical instructions for quick wound healing. My wife is doing well, and she has not complained about any pain or nausea since then. It all happened due to Dr. Zdenek’s on-time assistance.
Czech Republic
Bariatric Surgery
I am on my weight loss journey, and it was a difficult phase for me. However, Dr. Igor at St. Zdislava made it easy for me. Last year, I gained so much weight that it became difficult for me to reduce it through exercise. I tried every diet and some exercises as well, but it did not work for me. Then one day, a friend suggested that I visit Dr. Igor for consultation. I went there, and we met the surgeon. He was very cooperative. We discussed the problem, and he suggested bariatric surgery. I was not hopeful about the surgery, but it worked in my favor. I lost a few pounds immediately after the surgery. I followed all instructions by the surgeon and followed a healthy diet. After one year, I am closer to my desired weight. It all happened due to Dr. Igor's thorough assistance and guidance. He has done an amazing job. I am satisfied with the results.
Stomach Stapling Surgery
I visited St. Zdislava hospital a few months back for stomach stapling surgery. The procedure went smoothly and I am highly satisfied with the results.
Czech Republic
St. Zdislava has a classy infrastructure, and the staff is diligent and offers the best treatment protocols in an economical range. I select the clinic for my brachytherapy and got quick results because of modern technology and efficient surgeons' contribution.
Czech Republic
For my mammography, I selected St. Zdislava because of the high recommendation. Luckily, the clinic was beyond my imagination as the staff gave me a warm welcome. Everything from the procedure to the post-care was exceptional.
 I was overweight with a lot of belly fat, doctors opted for liposuction and it helped me in losing weight and gaining my confidence back
Thyroid Gland Tumor Removal
 I underwent thyroid gland removal because of cancer. The doctors suggested chemotherapy and gland removal. Excellent service

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What treatments are offered at St. Zdislava?

Robot-assisted surgical treatments, tumor resection, bariatric and plastic surgery procedures are provided at St. Zdislava.

What facilities are present at St. Zdislava for patients?

The hospital is located in of the serene locations of Czech Republic contributing towards the faster recovery of patients. With that numerous facilities are present in the territory including TV, WiFi, attach baths, cafe, and restaurant.
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Yusrah Ahmad
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