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Dr. Susanna Gassiot Riu

Clinic Sant Joan de Déu Hospital Specializations: Oncology, Hematology Oncology Experience: 10 years
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Dr. Susanna Gassiot is a pediatric hematologist and works at Sant Joan de Deu Hospital. She offers stem cell therapy to cure advanced-stage leukemias.

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Review for Susanna Gassiot Riu
Stem Cells Treatment | Leukemia | Sant Joan de Déu Hospital

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, Spain:

My daughter was diagnosed with leukemia eight months ago, and it was stage III. She was losing weight continuously, so we decided to get her checked. To our shock, she was dealing with a fatal disease, and most of the doctors rejected her case due to her low recovery rate. We went to Dr. Susanna Gassiot, as she is the leading pediatric hematologist. She performed basic tests initially and informed us that a stem cell treatment was the only solution as she is at the third stage, so radiation procedures would be risky. We also consulted this with our doctors, and everyone suggested this is the best solution. She performed a stem cell transplant and kept my daughter under observation for three months. During these three months, Dr. Susanna took great care of my daughter, and she attended to all of our requests. It's been eight months, and my daughter is doing fine. Dr. Susanna has informed me that my daughter has responded well to the Surgery. We are glad that we went to Dr. Susanna for my daughter's treatment and would recommend everyone consult her.

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Who are the top Bone Marrow Aspiration Doctors in Spain?

ClinicsonCall Specialists have ranked the top 1 Bone Marrow Aspiration Doctors in Spain based on their expertise, treatment success rates and patient testimonials. Here’s a list of the top 1 Doctors Abroad:
  • Dr. Susanna Gassiot Riu

What are the factors that I should consider before selecting a Bone Marrow Aspiration Doctor in Spain?

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    Which are the best Clinics for Bone Marrow Aspiration Doctors in Spain?

    Here’s a list of top 1 Clinics for Bone Marrow Aspiration in Spain compiled by ClinicsonCall Specialists:
    • Sant Joan de Déu Hospital

    What are the consultation charges for Bone Marrow Aspiration Doctors in Spain?

    The consultation charges for Bone Marrow Aspiration Doctors in Spain are Price upon request-.