Best Removal of Stomach Cancer doctors in Spain

Prof. Dr. Josep Tabernero

Clinic Hospital Quironsalud Barcelona Specializations: Oncology Experience: 30 years
4 out of 5

Prof. Dr. Josep Tabernero was born on 25th October 1963 in Barcelona. Dr. Josep is an Oncologist at the “Quironsalud Barcelona Hospital”. Moreover, he holds an excellent command over English and the Catalan languages.

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Consultation Price upon request

Dr. Javier Hornedo Muguiro

4 out of 5

Dr. Javier Hornedo Muguiro is an Oncologist with an experience of over 30 years. He is serving at the Quironsalud Hospital situated in Spain. Dr. Javier has an excellent command of the Spanish and English languages.

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Consultation Price upon request

Dr. Antonio Cubillo

Clinic HM Madrid Hospital Specializations: Oncology Experience: 20 years
4.8 out of 5

Dr. Antonio Cubillo is a famous oncologist with experience of over 20 years, he is also head of the center of medical Oncology at the Centro Integral Oncológico Clara Campal. He serves as an associate professor of oncology at the University CEU San Pablo, Madrid.

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Reviews of Doctors Performing Removal of Stomach Cancer in Spain

Review for Antonio Cubillo
Cholangiocarcinoma | HM Madrid Hospital
Allision Holland, United Kingdom:
I went to HM Clinic Madrid to get treatment for my cholangiocarcinoma. Dr. Antonio Cubillo was my consultant, and he performed partial hepatectomy on me. And it was a great success. 
Review for Dr. Josep Tabernero
Osteotomy | Hospital Quironsalud Barcelona
Cris Holand, England :
I highly recommend Dr. Josep Tabernero from Clinic Quiron Salud Barcelona. I visited him to get my osteotomy done and received amazing results. 
Review for Javier Hornedo Muguiro
Cyber Knife | Hospital Universitario Quironsalud Madrid
Jeff Hail, England :
I highly recommend Dr. Javier Hornedo Mugiro Clinic from Quiron Hospital of Madrid. He conducted my chemo for prostate cancer, and I got amazing results. 
Review for Antonio Cubillo
Robotic Surgery | Sarcoma | HM Madrid Hospital
Lena, USA:
My mother got sarcoma last year which left her in a terrible state. She was very worried about the consequences of the disease in case things go worse. However, from the reference of a close friend, I got to know about  Antonio Cubillo. He is quite a renowned oncologist so I decided to take my mother to him for treatment. As expected, the treatment went very well. He treated my mother with great patience and determination helping her to slowly recover. I would sincerely thank Antonio Cubillo for his exceptional service.
Review for Antonio Cubillo
Whipple Operation | Pancreatic Cancer | HM Madrid Hospital
Anderson, United Kingdom:
I got lung cancer 5 months back. My condition got worse day by day and I was too afraid to go for the surgery. My family was very worried about my health and kept insisting on seeing a doctor. I researched through the internet for a possible safer treatment and I got to know about radiation therapy. I searched for some best doctors available for this particular treatment and I saw the name of doctor Cubillo. Therefore, I decided to meet him. I agreed for the radiation therapy treatment under doctor Cubilo which indeed went really well. I am glad that I was treated successfully at the early stages of the disease, all credit goes to the brilliant doctor Antonio


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Review for Dr. Josep Tabernero
Removal of Stomach Cancer | Stomach Cancer | Hospital Quironsalud Barcelona
Jacob, Ireland:
I visited Dr. Josep for stomach cancer. I was facing so much trouble because of this disease. I visited several doctors but they were unable to detect it. Dr. Josep suggested the resection surgery along with chemo sesssions.


How can I get an online consultation with Doctors in Spain?

You can get an online consultation with Doctors Abroad by sending a request on ClinicsonCall’s website. Our Medical Coordinators will get back to you and discuss your medical query. Next you will have to share your medical documents and pay the consultation fee (which varies depending on the doctor’s specialty, expertise and country). The schedule for your appointment will then be shared with you.

Who are the top Removal of Stomach Cancer Doctors in Spain?

ClinicsonCall Specialists have ranked the top 3 Removal of Stomach Cancer Doctors in Spain based on their expertise, treatment success rates and patient testimonials. Here’s a list of the top 3 Doctors Abroad:
  • Prof. Dr. Josep Tabernero
  • Dr. Javier Hornedo Muguiro
  • Dr. Antonio Cubillo

What are the factors that I should consider before selecting a Removal of Stomach Cancer Doctor in Spain?

There are many factors that can help you in deciding which doctor is best for you. Here’s a list of the most common factors that you should consider before finalizing your decision:
  • Experience of the doctor
  • Fluency in languages
  • Treatment success rate
  • Educational Background
  • Professional Career
  • Treatment Techniques

    Which are the best Clinics for Removal of Stomach Cancer Doctors in Spain?

    Here’s a list of top 3 Clinics for Removal of Stomach Cancer in Spain compiled by ClinicsonCall Specialists:
    • Hospital Quironsalud Barcelona
    • Hospital Universitario Quironsalud Madrid
    • HM Madrid Hospital

    What are the consultation charges for Removal of Stomach Cancer Doctors in Spain?

    The consultation charges for Removal of Stomach Cancer Doctors in Spain are $ 350-$ 350.