Dr. Antonio Alcaraz Asensio

Dr. Antonio Alcaraz Asensio
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Clinic: Hospital Quironsalud Barcelona, Spain, Barcelona
Specializations: Oncology, General Surgery
years of experience
Majority referring to the doctor for treatment of:

Kidney Angiomyolipoma Kidney Cancer Testicular Cancer Bladder Cancer Stomach Cancer Cervical Cancer Liver Cancer Ovarian Cancer

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About the doctor

Dr. Antonio Alcaraz Asensio is a well-known urologist with experience of over 30 years with expertise in treating cancers of the bladder and kidney. Dr. Antonio has been offering his urology services at the Quironsalud Barcelona University Hospital” since the year 2005. He holds an excellent command over English, Spanish, and Catalan language.

Educational Background

  • Dr. Antonio Alcaraz Asensio completed his medical degree in the year 1983 from University of Barcelona.
  • Later on, in the year 1987, he finished his PhD degree from a similar university.
  • In the year 1988, he finished his specialty training in Urology from a similar university “The University of Barcelona”.
  • Then during the years 1993-1994, he did his 18 months of fellowship training at Mayo Clinic Rochester.

Professional Career

  • During the years 1984-1988, Dr. Antonio Alcaraz Asensio served as a Resident Doctor of Urology at the Barcelona Hospital Clinic, Urology and Kidney Transplantation Unit.
  • In the year 1993, he attained a research fellowship in Urology at Mayo Clinic Rochester situated in the USA and served there till 1994.
  • During the years 1990-1992, Dr. Antonio served as the Urology Specialist at Barcelona Hospital Clinic, Urology Department.
  • During the years 1987-2002, he was appointed as a visiting professor at the Faculty of Medicine, Barcelona University.
  • In the year 1987, he served as the Professor of doctoral courses on kidney transplants.
  • Then in the year 2002, Dr. Antonio was appointed as the Head of the Kidney Transplant Unit at Puigvert Foundation.
  • During the years 2005-2007, he was appointed as an Associate Professor of Urology at the University of Barcelona, Surgery Department.
  • In the year 2007, he became the Professor of Urology at a similar institute.


Dr. Antonio Alcaraz Asensio is a member of three renowned and prestigious societies namely;

  • American Urological Association
  • European Association of Urology
  • Scientific Committee of the European Association of Urology


  • Dr. Antonio Alcaraz Asensio has more than 170 publications in various international journals.
  • He is also the Director of 17 doctoral thesis.


Spain, Barcelona, Plaza Alfonso Comín, 5 08023
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What is the main specialty of Dr. Antonio Alcaraz Asensio?

The main speciality of Dr. Antonio Alcaraz Asensio is Oncology.

What is the experience of Dr. Antonio Alcaraz Asensio?

Dr. Antonio Alcaraz Asensio has 30 years of experience in Oncology.

Where does Dr. Antonio Alcaraz Asensio receive his patient?

Dr. Antonio Alcaraz Asensio is practicing in Hospital Quironsalud Barcelona, Barcelona, taking patients for consultation & treatment.

Is Online consultation available with Dr. Antonio Alcaraz Asensio?

Yes, Dr. Antonio Alcaraz Asensio provides online consultation to patients. For an online consultation, patients share their medical documents, pay consultation fee and proceed with a video consultation according to schedule.

Reviews about doctor Antonio Alcaraz Asensio

Jacob Trudeau
South Africa
Dr. Antonio is a professional doctor. I visited him a few months ago for my poly-cystic kidney disease. My wife was really worried about my disease and she was searching on the internet for any doctor and she found this renowned hospital of Spain Quironsalud and we visited there and consulted with Dr. Antonio. He is very friendly and communicative and his team is also responsive. The hospital also manages its patients with hospitality.

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