Terms of use

Terms of use of medical platform Clinics on Call
The Terms of Use section together with the Privacy Policy section constitutes the Agreement between the Clinics on Call platform and the Client (“User”, “Patient”).

By using the Clinics on Call online platform or its Services, you agree and undertake to comply with the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement.


The Clinics on Call platform does not refer the Patient to a specific Provider, but provides a list of possible Providers according to the Patient’s requirements (for example, the final list of clinics and doctors may depend on the language, country, diagnosis, etc.). The Directory of Medical Providers includes such data about the Medical Provider as: the name of the clinic or the name of the doctor, address, specialization, photographs, experience of specialists, etc. When choosing a Medical Provider, the Patient has the right to study information about the Providers from the list and make an appointment with the most suitable one for his needs.

The information that can be found on the Clinics on Call Medical Platform, We take from the Providers themselves, and we collect from other reliable sources. Despite the fact that We try to provide only verified information, We are not responsible for its 100% relevance. The Clinics on Call Internet platform does not serve as a confirmation of the quality of medical services provided by the Provider.

The Clinics on Call Internet platform provides the possibility of direct contact of the Patient with the medical center, as well as the possibility of requesting information regarding treatment or direct stay in the hospital.

If the Patient (“User”) decides to travel to the selected medical center, the Internet platform provides support for the Patient from the beginning of the trip to its completion. We also help to resolve any emerging issues with the medical center and provide the Patient with the necessary information regarding his medical trip.

The Clinics on Call online platform does not provide medical services to Users, but performs the duties of an intermediary between the Client (patient) and the Provider (hospital, doctor). We also emphasize that the information posted on the Clinics on Call website cannot serve as a substitute for a personal appointment with a doctor. Accordingly, such information cannot be used by the Patient to make decisions about starting or ending therapy.

The services of the Clinics on Call Internet platform are available only to persons over 18 years of age. In the event that the User uses the platform service on behalf of a third party under the age of 18, he undertakes to inform the employee of the Internet platform about the actions that he performs on behalf of the third party.

The Clinics on Call platform is not responsible for compliance with the terms of the contract between the Medical Provider and the Patient. Responsibility for all types of services provided by the clinic or doctor lies entirely with the Medical Provider.

We note that the services of the Clinics on Call platform are provided free of charge, but at the request of the Patient it is possible to provide additional paid services (for example, an interpreter service, medical insurance, and so on).

After the Patient provides his e-mail address, the Clinics on Call Internet platform uses it to send medical information (if necessary, the Client can unsubscribe from the mailing).

Second opinion

At the request of the User, the Clinics on Call Medical Platform can provide a second opinion service. This service is only possible if the Patient has received a preliminary opinion from a local doctor. By making a request for a second opinion, the Patient agrees that:
– such a consultation cannot replace a personal appointment with a doctor;
– the lack of the possibility of examination can affect the doctor’s ability to determine the real condition of the patient;
– the diagnosis received through remote consultation is limited and conditional.

The user also agrees to view these medical materials that are obtained while using the services of the Clinics on Call Medical Platform. After the User has used the service, the company can make a request for additional medical information related to the provision of medical care to the Patient. This analysis of materials can be used by the Clinics on Call Medical Platform to improve information and recommendations on the site.

Using the second opinion service, the User gives his consent to the collection, storage and transfer of his medical information to the selected doctor / clinic. The User also agrees that the second opinion will not be used during legal proceedings.

All services of the Clinics on Call online platform are provided to the User only if there is up-to-date information about the User’s identity. Also, the Patient is solely responsible for the accuracy of the information that he provides to the employee of the Clinics on Call Website.

After receiving medical statements from the Patient, the Clinics on Call Internet platform creates a personal medical record for the User. Further, based on the information provided, the Clinics on Call Medical platform selects several doctors (at least three) that correspond to the patient’s situation and diagnosis. After that, the Patient chooses a suitable doctor, and the Medical Platform transmits the User’s data to the selected clinic to familiarize the doctor with the information. The service is provided up to three working days after the submission of the Patient’s medical records. The second opinion of the doctor contains the comments of a specialist about the patient’s condition.

Registration on the site

To obtain a medical program or a second opinion, to communicate with the clinic, as well as to receive other services of the Clinics on Call platform, the user must complete the registration process by filling out a special form on the website. Registration is possible only for adult Users.

Financial questions

Payment for advisory, diagnostic and therapeutic services is carried out exclusively between the Client and the Provider (medical center) without the participation of the Clinics on Call Internet platform. In some cases, the Medical Provider may require prepayment of medical services before the patient arrives at the clinic.

Intellectual property

All materials presented on the website of the Medical Platform are the property of Clinics on Call.